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1 - General
Free participation in this service is available to every natural person (over the age of 18). It is not permitted to create and/or use multiple accounts for one person. Exceptions are to be regulated with the support. You can delete the account yourself at any time, but you lose Credits/USD. In doubt, contact support.

2 - Disclaimer
We assume no liability for any damage or errors, with the exception of grossly negligent and willful damage. We do not guarantee error-free functionality. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.
The service is and will remain free. The premium feature is an exception. This is paid in advance (prepaid) and does not include a contract term. We draw your attention to the fact that the use of the visitor exchange can lead to an increased volume of traffic, which can result in additional costs depending on your provider if there is no internet flat rate. We are not liable for these costs. The advertising on this page is checked with a clear conscience at the start and during the activity. Should a problem arise with a displayed ad, our abuse team can be reached at any time and will take care of the incident as soon as possible. Corresponding "report" functions are attached to every advertising material (Report Abuse).

3 - Prohibited Pages (applies to all forms of advertising)
- Pages with popup(s)
- Pages with alerts (e.g. Javascript)
- Pages that violate domestic law
- Sites that offer illegal downloads or distribute malware
- Pages that have too much advertising / frames.

4 - Withdrawals / Inpayments
We offer many deposit and withdrawal methods. Payouts are made within 30 working days. Payments are usually made automatically, in exceptional cases within a few hours. Should an account break the rules, we reserve the right to cancel the withdrawal and / or delete the account.

5 - Participation & Dismantling
The member accepts that no scripts, programs or manipulations that influence surfing, clicking or begging are used. In addition, any changes to the promotional codes, the surfbar or other connections are prohibited. Violation will be punished with deletion without withdrawal of credit. In the case of larger offenses, we also reserve the right to prosecute the matter. Browser extensions (add-ons) that block advertisements or deactivate / change scripts are also not permitted.

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