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§1 - General Provisions
This service is provided by DeepSheep UG, with its registered address at Germany, Iburger Str. 53-55, 49082 Osnabrück, herein referred to as "we" or "us". Participation in this service is freely available to all individuals aged 18 and above. The creation or use of multiple accounts by a single individual is strictly prohibited, except with express permission from our support team. Account deletion is user-initiated and results in the forfeiture of any accrued Credits/EUR. We recommend contacting our support team for guidance. Please note, a continuous service uptime is aimed for but not guaranteed.

§2 - Disclaimer of Liability
Our liability for damages or errors is limited to cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct. While we strive for error-free functionality, we cannot guarantee it. For assistance with any service-related issues, please contact our support team.
Please be aware that use of our service may increase internet traffic, potentially incurring additional charges from your internet provider if you do not have a flat rate. We accept no liability for these costs. We conscientiously monitor the advertisements on our site. In the event of an issue with any ad, please report it immediately using the provided 'Report Abuse' function.

§3 - Prohibited Content in Advertisements
The following types of pages are strictly prohibited from our advertising platform:

  • featuring pop-up advertisements
  • with Javascript alerts
  • violating domestic laws
  • offering illegal downloads or distributing malware
  • with excessive advertising or frames
  • promoting hate speech, discrimination, or violence
  • involved in phishing or fraudulent activities
  • that infringe upon intellectual property rights
  • that automatically download files to a user's device
  • that engage in or promote unethical practices like spamming
  • with content that misleads or deceives users
  • with audio or video that plays automatically
  • promoting illegal substances or activities

§4 - Payment Terms and Conditions
We offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Withdrawals are processed within 30 working days, in most case much faster. To ensure timely payment, users must provide accurate and complete personal information. Failure to do so may result in payment delays or forfeiture. Accounts found in violation of our terms may have their payments withheld and potentially face account termination.

§5 - Fair Use and Compliance
Members are prohibited from using scripts, programs, or any form of manipulation that affects website interactions such as surfing, clicking, or ad viewing. Altering promotional codes, the surfbar, or other integrations is strictly forbidden. Violations will result in immediate account termination and forfeiture of any accrued balance. Furthermore, browser extensions or add-ons that obstruct advertisements or modify website scripts are not permitted.

§6 - Prohibition of Abusive and Illegal Practices
Engagement in abusive or illegal practices is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, fraudulent credit accumulation, system manipulation, or engaging in illegal activities through our platform. Violations will be rigorously investigated, with consequences including account termination and potential legal action.

§7 - Data Protection and Privacy
We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. Most user data, including sensitive information, are hashed and anonymized to ensure confidentiality and security. Our data handling practices adhere to applicable data protection laws and regulations. Users are encouraged to review our Privacy Policy for detailed information on our data protection measures.

§8 - Intellectual Property and Advertisements
Users must respect intellectual property rights when creating advertisements. Ads should only contain material for which the user has rights or is legally permitted to use. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of responsible advertising, ensuring that our service does not inadvertently facilitate DDoS attacks or overload third-party websites with excessive traffic. Users should ensure that their advertising practices are lawful and do not cause harm to targeted websites or projects.

§9 - User Content Responsibility
While we diligently monitor the content on our platform and have abuse reporting tools in place, we cannot guarantee the absolute verification of all content or practices by our users or partners. Users are solely responsible for the content they publish or share through our service and must ensure it adheres to all legal and ethical standards. Any suspicious or harmful content can be reported to our team for prompt review and action.

§10 - Dispute Resolution and Liability
In the event of a dispute or issue, users are required to contact us first to allow an opportunity for resolution. We aim to address and resolve issues promptly and effectively. However, we are not liable for errors beyond our control, including human errors or external problems. Disputes not resolved through our internal processes may be subject to further legal procedures, in accordance with applicable laws.

§11 - Severability Clause
Should any provision of these Terms of Service be or become invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such a case, the parties agree to replace the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision with a valid one that most closely achieves the original intent and economic purpose of the invalid provision.

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The Rallye "Weekly Earning Rallye" (Aktiv-Rallye) is finished:

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# 36: vasya97
# 37: mira19791984
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# 39: BigFS1
# 40: ElrinconDR

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